10 Reasons for Hair Thinning and some additional facts

We have all felt that crazy sinking feeling every time we have come across strands of hair on our comb. But hair fall is a natural process and to borrow an ironic idiom, it’s nothing that should make you tear your hair out. But sometimes hair thinning can get really out of hand and the bald patches look as alarming as ever. Those are the times when you should really put your head into exactly why your hair volume feels lighter.

Travelling can make you balder!

As astonishing as it sounds, people who travel frequently to extremely different geographical regions face high rates of hair loss. This is because hair fall triggered by sudden changes in type of water being used. Corporate executives and people who travel a lot for work face early hair whitening and substantial hair thinning.

Diet can be a deterrent

A common misconception is the fact that hair loss occurs because of lack of certain food items in our daily diet. The truth is hair thinning has nothing to do with intake and more than often it is because some people have poor absorption capacities when it comes to nutrients. Iron deficiency, protein deficiency and Vitamin b12 deficiency are usually responsible for your scalp looking emptier than usual.

Crash diets can make your hair come crashing down

Drastic weight loss thanks to unscientific crash diet plans can also make you shed hair at a faster rate. This is often severely disproportionate as losing just 2 or 3 kilograms of weight can make you go almost bald thanks to massive hair loss

Genes can jeopardize your hair

Several studies over the years have been able to infer that early balding in several individuals can be traced back to their parents suffering hair loss. Heredity is definitely a motivating factor which when coupled with things like stress and fungal attacks can make you become prematurely bald.

Exercising can be an exercise in hair loss

Certain exercise regimes which are focused on increasing muscle mass tend to use protein redistribution as a tactic. This means you are essentially taking away protein from certain parts of the body which leads to the loss of some of the four amino acids which are absolutely vital for hair growth and replenishment.

Scorching heat can be a scary thing for your scalp

Certain people are prone to seasonal scalp infections during the summer because of the extreme humidity. This leads to itching and irritation of the scalp and eventually hair loss.

Winters are not quite wholesome for hair loss

winter means dry hair which is invariably brittle and more prone to falling. Cold weather also means that some people skip regular shampooing cycles which automatically make your hair health hit an all time low.

Hair loss is in the air

Air pollution has been established as a crucial factor in hair thinning. Certain pollutants affect Keratin, a hair protein that is absolutely essential for hair growth.

Some products can be far from productive

Certain hair care products like shampoos, hair conditioners, oils and hair dyes are often incompatible with particular people and their hair and cause gradual hair loss which often goes unnoticed.

Stress can make you say goodbye to your tresses

We live in a world of cut throat competition where deadlines and targets loom large over our calendars. This continuous stress can really cause fast balding and what’s even worse is that fast balding often causes us even more stress.

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